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~ The Creative Process ~


CatinoCreations images get made into unique jewelry pendants!

My Inspiration

I see art in ordinary objects; objects I may pass by everyday, like a bale of hay, a barren tree or an old car in a field. Nature inspires me. I can spend a morning watching and waiting for birds to fly by and land in the trees. Trees are very inspiring to me too, with their twisting and turning and gnarly branches. Especially the old Black Jacks here in North Texas.

My Vision

Somethimes when I am out with my camera I can see the finished artwork before I even take the first photo. Sometimes what I want from a scene doesn't always work out for one reason or another. It could be lighting, wind, or even the time I have available to set up a shot. The photos I take don't always work with the processes I use and I have to really understand the limits and constraints of what my camera can do and what the post processing software can do as well.

It does also help to have a "photographer's eye" to set a shot up to begin with along with a vision of the final artwork.


My Process

I rarely use my photos straight out of the camera as a finished piece of art. I may apply a water color effect or a digital texture or change the brightness, hue or contrast. I may even add a bird or two or take out some branches for balance. It all depends on how I visually see the art and finished product in my mind: the vision of the final work.

These photo are an example of a before and after. The first is not something I would hang on my wall! Below is after the digital effects have been applied. I was able to digitally manipulate a boring blue sky with some color and texture to create a striking work of art in just my stlye!

My Artwork

My artworks are professionally printed on acid free photo paper and fine art papers. They are also available on gallery wrapped canvas, in jewelry pieces, designer pillows, tote bags, fleece blankets and other home decor items. Even on Phone Cases!